THE STORY of phi

lichtwert phi logo


… or, pardon the pun, our phi’losophy


the greek letter ‘phi’ [Φ] is the sign used for the luminous flux (in lumens). so it made perfect sense for us to choose this basic value of light as our logo… it’s self-explanatory.

we love high-quality architecture, as, in a sense, it moulds a space. but architecture is only truly complete when combined with a stylistically assured lighting concept that highlights the authentic character of each building. for us, light is perceptible perfection.

lichtwert develops bespoke, high-quality lighting solutions precisely tuned to your needs. when it comes to communicating stability &amp value through timeless design and quality awareness, we are the expert partner you are looking for.

… we think in terms of light.

lichtwert theconcept

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_the essentials

lichtwert works with a wealth of experience, exceeded only by our passion, and our refusal to compromise when it comes to quality and value.

anyone who has worked with us knows the difference, and won’t want to settle for anything less.

our projects combine the essential with the unique, always personally and with the greatest of care.

lichtwert ourwork

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_how we work

between tradition and the zeitgeist … always keeping pace with international trends. this enables us to create extraordinary lighting concepts in our lichtwert cities (vienna and salzburg).

the result is often elegant, usually upscale, but always with a certain charm of its own.

lichtwert References

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_light in space

we devote our full attention to every project and fine-tune the technical details and aesthetic requirements to ensure your desires are met. every plan is carefully thought through.

we like it simple, but not impersonal. Individuality is an important aspect of our work, making every concept like a personal fingerprint.




_ein auszug unserer projekte

  • tradefairvenue_new | salzburg
  • unique holiday residence | leogang
  • 3-storey officebuilding | pinzgau
  • public library_city of vienna | vienna IX
  • luxurious apartments_at kuchelauer harbour | vienna
  • restaurant_at the airport | UA
  • exklusive residence_wine region | LA
  • objektbau_für die exekutive | flachgau
  • private residence_at schafberg | vienna XVIII
  • ****s seminarhotel | flachgau
  • chaletvillage | nationalpark hohe tauern
  • penthouses | vienna VI
  • office_architectural, renovation | mondsee
  • high end holiday villa | korfu, greece
  • private residence | gozo, malta
  • pharmacy_hopfgarten | tyrol
  • dental practice | vienna XXII
  • seminarrooms_hotel | at lake wolfgangsee
  • exklusive holiday house | at lake attersee
  • eat-in kitchen showroom | oberpinzgau
  • modern apartments | waging am see, D
  • advertisingagency_in old factory | salzburg city
  • tax_advisory_office, new_construction | zell am see
  • advertisingagency_office, new_construction | pinzgau
  • exclusive residences_with lake view | mondsee
  • indoor climbing hall | salzkammergut
  • luxury_apartments_in the city centre | berlin
  • architect’s studio | vienna II
  • exclusive wellness lounge ****hotel | pongau
  • mountaintophotel_schmittenhöhe mountain | zell am see
  • architect’s residence_private | vienna VIII
  • beachhouse_at pilion | greece
  • private residence_in starnberg | munich
  • attorney’s office_central disctrict | vienna I
  • penthouse apartments | vienna VI
  • jeweller | traunstein, bayern
  • zahnarztpraxis_innenstadt | salzburg
  • ärztezentrum | wien XXII
  • immobilienbüro | wien IX
  • luxuriöse wohnungen_am kuchelauer hafen | wien
  • objektbau_für die exekutive | flachgau
  • ferienhaus_in den marken | italien
  • chaletdorf | nationalpark hohe tauern
  • bürogebäude 3 stöckig_gablitz | NÖ
  • gastronomieprojekt_im historischen stadtkern | bayern
  • exklusive dachgeschoßwohnungen | wien I
  • wohnanlage_bürgerhaus | wien VII
  • wohnhaus_am pöstlingberg | linz
  • holztechnikum_tennengau | salzburg
  • büro bergbahnen_pinzgau | salzburg
  • büroprojekt_innenstadt | salzburg
  • cafe franchise unternehmen _zentrale u. filialen | wien

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_lichtwert, where light is valued

FRANZ AINZ architectural lighting | CEO
born in: 1976 15 years of proven experience in the industry trained as a certified lighting planner
motto: ‘he who doesn’t enjoy is unenjoyable’
strengths: solutions-oriented, authentic, innovative
idiosyncrasies: espresso_junkie, desktop_anarchist
his passions: architecture, our mountains, the old vespa & last but not least, his family
dislikes: trying to park in the city, leeks in his food
MARTIN GOLSER project management | office
born in: 1986 expert project management contact person, long-term experience in the lighting industry
motto: ‘train hard or go home’
strengths: reliable, ready to help, loyal
idiosyncrasies: a tad whimsical, like the weather
his passions: his family, volleyball, & sport
dislikes: when it rains, olives and tomatoes
ANDREAS SCHWENDINGER, ING. project management | office
born in: 1992 competent contact for project handling,
technical college graduate with industry experience
motto: ‘there are no problems, only challenges’
strengths: straightforward, humorous, creative, flexible
idiosyncrasies: no coffee = no andi
his passions: family & friends, keen on 8_cylinder and football
dislikes: an empty fridge, sloooow people at the cash desk
MARKUS HINTERSTOIßER procurement | backoffice
born in: 1980 juggles with numbers as well as with industry knowledge, discovered his passion for light during his apprenticeship
motto: ‘keep calm’
strengths: balanced, loyal, conscientious
idiosyncrasies: creates lists, for everything
his passions: family, friends, climbing, mountain biking, running
dislikes: notorious left-lane hogs, grapefruits
RONALD ROYER project management | shop planning
born in: 1990 for several years part of the lightning
motto: ‘if you think it doesn’t go any further, a light planner will help you out’
strengths: practically oriented, technically gifted, cooperative
idiosyncrasies: looks up YouTube tutorials – for everything
his passions: make good use of time, nature, his bees
dislikes: raisins in the cereal

teamwork ... makes the dream work

du denkst genau wie wir und willst auch dabei sein?!

… dann solltest du dich unbedingt bei uns melden, unser team wächst kontinuierlich
und freut sich auf sympathische & engagierte neue kollegen.

ob bereits mit viel branchenerfahrung, oder noch nicht ganz so viel, für uns zählt deine begeisterung für licht & architektur.

wir freuen uns dich kennen zu lernen!
so erreicht uns deine bewerbung:

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_lichtwert's cities

wiener bundesstraße 66
5300 hallwang | austria

+ 43 (0)662 26 57 18

gumpendorfer str. 43|2
1060 vienna | austria

+43 (0)664 41 77 611



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_a selection

good is not good enough for us. we are passionate in our search for partners who share our dedication to optimum quality.

as lighting planners and distributors, we work closely with well- known design manufacturers, meaning you will benefit from fair conditions and outstanding project management.


a small selection of the partners we work with:

  • >> artemide
  • >> artluce
  • >> axo light
  • >> bega
  • >> catellani & smith
  • >> flos
  • >> fontana arte
  • >> foscarini
  • >> georg bechter licht
  • >> ingo maurer
  • >> luci italiane
  • >> lyx wooden lights
  • >> modoluce
  • >> nimbus
  • >> occhio
  • >> prolicht
  • >> trizo21
  • >> vibia